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Two buttons: CAPTURE and SAVE the Australian yellowpages

NEW! Deep Scraping for emails starting in November '22!
YPR for AU-YP digs deeper and simply scrapes more email addresses!

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How many more buttons do you need to extract data from the Australian yellowpages and save to Excel?

YPR works in two modes: QUICK CAPTURE (collects no emails) and slower mode EMAIL CAPTURES, which establishes tunnel links to secondary sources to find the email addresses you need for your daily work.

YellowPageRobot is a free* web scraper for Australia

Save the yellowpages to Excel

Note *: YPR Australia is free for the first 33 leads you've captured. The YPR@@@ Australia Emails demo will only capture 10 emails per page.

The one-page mode in YPR is absolutely free. Run a query in the browser (left pane), press CAPTURE, and the yellowpages data will be collected in the right pane. Press SAVE to record everything in a format usable with Excel or any database.

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To save several pages, and thousands of precious leads (if need be), you'll need the Pro Version.